hello hi i want to brag about my hair today. since mom was annoyed with her not-so-long hair, she asked me if i want to cut my hair too, so yeah i said yes. since i myself agreed to have a haircut, i shouldn't probably regret right?................................well, i dont know.

the main reason why i decided to cut my hair was i was having an inevitable hair problem which is freaking hair loss! hey, what girl doesn't face this problem. but mine is much worst you can't possibly imagine.

the amount of hair that i lost = asdfhajgkahgauhvbiauhnbcuwahudaqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmasdfghjkl oh my god i even thought that i had some sorta cancer that soon leads to baldness.

since my hair is short right now, i cant fabulously do this;

and i cant do braids anymore. how sad is that. of course i'll be missing my long hair 'cause i wont look hot anymore omg hahahahahahhahahahahahah. the last time i had a haircut was 3 or 2 years ago i can't recall. and i've done a lot to my hair, i've curled it, dyed it, straighten it oh forgive me my royal hair. 

the good thing about my new short hair is, i don't have to worry about it getting messy. i dont even have to freaking comb my hair lolololololol. plus it saves the usage of my shampoo. but whatever, my hair will soon grow.

for now, i'll just flip my hair like this;

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