when life kicks you in the teeth, smile and spit blood in its face.

that's right. to add to your satisfaction, just spit petrol on the person that pissed you off and light a match. there you go, BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!!!

life has been tough for me lately especially when you pretend to have a life, you have parents and your parents told you to go to school where everybody is a merciless wolf. hell, my hatred towards school is incredulously over the top nowadays. well, yeahhhhhhhhhh thank you to the fucking working wolf.

if it were up to me, i'd slit your throat and let you rot in the school toilet. you don't go around and interrupt in whatever healthy co-curricular activities im in and tell me what i should do or what i shouldn't. yes i may only be a student in school, but woman, i tell you, you have no fucking rights to control my life. for fuck's sake, you're not even my mother.

excuse me for my rudeness but you've humiliated me in front of my friends therefore threaten to cross off my name from "the" list if i join this and that activity. what in the world is happening? i should just bloody quit school. thanks to you woman, i don't even have time to study for SPM which is the MOST FUCKING IMPORTANT exam in the universe for every 17-years old awesome kid in Malaysia.

you're one sick woman and everybody agrees to that. what say you?

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