broke fast with my buddies


this post should be dated -- Saturday, August 20, 2011 -- well sorry peeps :)
Azhar, Shahrul, Pee, Hermah, King² & me planned to break fast together at the padang, of course eating bakso. what else? okay but Pee forgot our plan due to excessive dota. ugh boys. King² had to help her aunt. so, that left us - Azhar, Shahrul, Hermah and meeeeeee - we met Asmida & Azzatul when we were finding place to seat. these girls happened to be our ex-classmate during the middle school. we're still close okay!

on our way to padang bandaran. is that the name? 'cause i dont really know. lol 
okay it was a tiring walk since i didnt eat anything for sahur. mainly because i didnt managed to wake up. screw me

these awesome peeps (include me) were waiting for the "allahu akhbar". ol 6 of us ordered the same thing! bakso and ABC. 

those boys control eh. boleh facing kamera? its not like you're gonna be on magazine or watsoeva loljk

after we finished eating, THISSSS 'lucky" boy came. okay seriously? he came and finished my ABC and bakso and then left. wtf man? thats okay though. hihihi.

bergambar di depan Hotel Juta sangat macam orang jakun oh sangat malu kereta di depan lalu-lalang -,-"
but, bila lagi kan? :p

we went to several shops after that to buy things. idk what 'cause i didnt bought anything. i just followed them. hahaha. i went home nearly 8.30 something. and i dont know bout them 'cause i went home early. hihihihi.

-xoxo epop

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