what do you call person who bugs you and promote stuffs?


reffering to the title, okay seriously i dont like them A BIT. they are like hello cik², hari nie kami ada menawarkan blablablablabla. oh shut the fuck up will yah? they bug you, irritate you and ask to buy stuffs or watever shits they're selling. i pity them though. sometimes, they have to work till the night. 

there's one night i almost die outta laughing. he was selling a dictionary. 
more likely suit the kids. and he was like "kamus nie bagus untuk anak-anak"
Anak-anak?? oh dear lord, great. do i look like a mom? seriously?
okay maybe lol. judging on my looks, my seat in the car (maybe influencing). i was wearing a skirt, Padini top, and a plain shawl. cousin Izzy was sitting behind me. the backseat. there were two dumb salesmen. 

after both of them left, i asked Izzy. "do i look like a mom, seriously?" --
"whattaa, of course lah. sudalah pakai skirt" okay i get it. ugh. it was due to wardrobe malfunction okay :p

since our school is starting the oh-so-short-period-of-time holiday, i would like to wish all the Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya (even though its too early) :p
-xoxo epop

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