bid farewell to Ramadhan 2011

photo taken using my Sony W995

bagi yang berpuasa, today insyaAllah the last day kita puasa kan? ada yang happy Ramadhan past and ada jugak yang sedih. so tomorrow makan banyak-banyak. banyak-banyak-banyak telampau okay? you are free as fuq to eat wuteva you want. lol. malam nie mula suda tengok anak bulan. so uols kena aware :p

me&my bro
tersangatnya tiada preparation untuk raya. baju beli ready-made. killer heels belum beli. lol no need killer heels. my looks can kill you know okay jk. im too lazy to wear those killer heels during this raya. its not like im going to a palace or what. tell you what, it will only be a burden to me. im only going to the graveyard okay. who wear killer heels to graveyard for god sake. plus im going to be extra busy in le kitchen for sure. so, no need killer heels. selipar jipun will do le thing. lol 


so, i know my mouth is super duper damn annoying. well errbody knows that. t'kasar bahasa, tersasul kata, minta maaf. please take care during this holiday. we ol know bila raya ja, mesti main mercun. take care guys, you dont wanna end up in le hospital while some other people are having fun eating rendang getting duit raya etc etc. 

me&my precious
damn i love this man. too bad we cant celebrate the first of Syawal together. he's going to Tawau and im going to Kudat. tell you what, DISTANCE SUCKS. im missing him already. sila take care di Tawau okay.  

Muhd. Nazrin Zaini <3

-xoxo epop

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