a long 2011 Eid-Ul Fitr post :)


hey errbody. i just got back from my granny's house which is located in Kudat. well, it was such a long journey from Keningau and im still too tired to blog. so here's some of the pictures. let the pictures replace my words okay (:

First Eid-Ul Fitr;
okay, im sorry we didnt managed to snap family portrait i mean the keluarga besar portrait okay. firstly cause we were too busy preparing the food for Eid. and secondly we (my fam) were rushing home to pack and leave Keningau. okay i misplaced the camera, thats why even my family (not the keluarga besar) didnt snap any picture for Eid.

 me and cousin Tika
cousin Syilah and our niece, Lulu.

me and my niece, Lulu :)

here's a video of cousin Syilah and our niece Lulu in the car waiting for cousin Fatin.
pity Lulu, she's been sick for a month, thats why she looks so skinny. 

our ex-maid's hand and my bro's hand.

on our way to Kudat, my ex maid stop by at our house to meet my brothers and sisters she once babysit. she bought my siblings food and ask to drop her off at the Terminal Bas Keningau. so yeah, we moved on.

Second Eid-Ul Fitr;
my family at Kudat made an open house. so, we the sumandaks MUST help prepare the food etc etc etc and so on. 

my and cousin Anan were told to help Aunt Masnah at her house which is only next to granny's house to make the nasi pulut. okay, the celebration was held at granny's house but we made the nasi pulut at my aunt's house because she got a friggin oven and made our steaming work easy lol.

cousin Anan curi curi makan. caught in action!!!!!

while we wait for the kids to pick up daun pisang lagi, cousin Anan sharpened her guitar skill which she learnt only in 1 day from the noobie me lol. i taught her the Speak Now song by Taylor Swift. because that song is damn easy to play. my cousin Anan is a quick learner you know! 

before the guesses arrive, we went to my late grandpa's grave. okay, my late grandpa wasnt a Muslim. no bad thoughts okay. 
cousin Fadli cleaned the bushes around the grave.

 my Uncle and cousin Ojan were starting to clean the grave. idk if putting their belongings around their grave a tradition or what. idk i just dont know okay.

on the same time we were visiting our late grandpa's grave, there was also a funeral held involving someone from Kg. Andab. psstt i heard he died 'cause of half body paralyzed.

 preparing to go home after visiting our late grandpa's grave.

cousin Izzy and cousin Anan. Izzy is surely shorter than her younger sister :p

got back from the burial ground, Anan practiced again while the guitar was still there.
i forgot to mention, that guitar belongs to cousin Apis's friend. 

shortly after that, we followed my parents to the clinic cause mom was having a fever. no clinics were open so we went to the hospital instead.

oh before going to the hospital, we stopped by at the town to see if any clinics were open. so, we the remaja took that opportunity to buy junk foods and etc etc lol

me and cousin Apis at the hospital waiting for mom.

arrived home went straight in to the room since there was no guess around.

cousin Izzy is wearing my spectacles, a gift from my dear. 
 drinking ribena :D
a wayfarer from my dear (:

that 2nd Eid night, tell you what, we the cousins had fun during the night. it was like from 11 till 1 o'clock. almost 2 as i recall. guess its better than clubbing lol. we were karaoke-ing and dancing. it was an awesome moment i wouldnt wanna forget. we were laughing like lunatics. seriously, you would call us drunk or watsoever if you did saw us. we were dancing till we perspire A LOT. the hyperactive lunatics were me and cousin Anan. my other cousins tak remaja sangat they didnt join us malu la tu lol.

Third Eid-Ul Fitr;
while errbody is busy going to open houses, me, cousin Izzy, Aka, and Orong went to kebun. weird right? i know. lol. it was because we (me&cousin Izzy) wanted to eat mangoes. 

 the path to the kebun was sangat semak okay as you can see it in the picture and thats what made our journey  seemed far.

 Orong trying to hold the penjolok properly, tersangat berat okay!
 Izzy was trying her best :p
look, i wore short-sleeved shirt to the kebun. isnt that stupid? i'll kill those mosquito for bitting me. lol wuteva. siapa suruh tida pandai dengar cakap mother.

spot our guardian? yea, the dog lol

got back from kebun and terus mandi, mau beraya tempat Aunty Izzy kan. hehehe!

 pure innocent punya wajah loljk. no make-up even though raya.

 me and my grandma (:
 my sister feeding the goats.

shawl pun tiada iron. sangat in a rush okay sampai pakai shawl pun di kereta and without even looking at the mirror lol

me feeding the goat. 

my aunt. whattaa?

 me and cousin Lala & cousin Anan. cousin Lala sangat makin gemuk i wish im fat jugaaaaaaa T.T
 me and cousin Popop. Epop & Popop n_n

they had the best dishes okay i must admit.

after that, went straight home and me and cousin Anan changed our clothes. we were going to the seaa. yayy! but not there to mandi manda. faktor jerawat okay. heheheh! so, kami snap snap gambar ja, rindu kan dengan laut, well who doesnt? kami balik Kudat pun bukan selalu. jadi memory mesti yang remarkable! (:

 jambatan ada sudah. compare dengan yang dulu. okay, you wouldnt wanna see yang dulu macam mana.

now, guess whose lucky shirt i tagged along? <3

 my daring cousin Anan.


 hyper sangat :p

sangat sorry for the pictures yang bad quality esp bahagian solo sa d laut. idk what happened tapi udara masa tu sangat ugh sial okay. there were bugssssssssssss! small bugssssssss! sangat banyak. i mean like lalat, they attack your face like shits. this time, we didnt feel it first time tu, tapi rasa macam kening infested dengan kutu okay lol. we covered our face with our hijab like in the picture 'cause we cant merely stand the bugs attacking our face. 

this beach in my kampung is the most prettiest ever! sangat bersih okay! no rubbish, you can even see those crabs lari-lari lol.

 Fourth Eid-Ul Fitr;
its time to say goodbye to Kudat. okay, thats the toughest part. saying goodbye to all of the excitements you can hardly get in Keningau. jarak rumah yang sangat berjauhan makes karaoke at night till the morning sangat possible. no one will tell you to shut the fuck up okay. 

 oh yeah, we stopped by at my Uncle's house at Hobut for our lunch. mehehehehehhe. 

after a few hours cramming in the car, we finally arrived Keningau somewhere around 6pm and went straight to Aunt Zubaidah's house. i was wearing a tracksuit, a shirt and my boyfriend's sweater. isnt that awesome for an open house? surely not okay!

our niece :)

cousin Najaa

here's a video for you before i end this post.

-xoxo epop

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