oo two of july two thousand eleven.

maybe "mr.bautai" that i wrote kinda a little jahat. HAHAHA! he's okay with that, being called "mr.bautai". okay, but seriously that made me look like one bad girlfriend. he will be mentioned here as "Mr.A

on 2 of july 2011, right after the school hours ended, he took me to Bunsit. okay, it was after the Larian 1M1S. thank youu dear :)

no bathing! the water is damn mirky!

i hope i tripped dalam air yang deras. :P

that is for my Mr. A. ;)

our couple phone strap (since 2010) he still keeps it, while mine already pecah. because i usually use it ;)

my shoe print is the human size. while Mr.A's the cutest one (doggy prints). one epic print aite? :P

belum sampai separuh jalan, "mari pusing" he said. HAHAHAH! okay, seriously, who wouldnt wanna pusing, that is one scary jambatan. :P

mirky water~ -,-"

Next stop wass???????

Yes, Crocker Range :)


i just wanted to see how you are doing up there my dear ;)

berkaki ayam.

our feet. mine memang putih. :P

muka bajet. HAHAHA! 

he's yawning. macam lion! ngawwrr~

the water oh-so-sejuk-and-crystal-clear! terjun boleh? :P

the Datuk and the Datin<3

we were going home, i managed to snap this picture.

p/s: non of these pictures are mine ;)


  1. wahahahaha..c nerd (sa mengijik skijap)..hahahaha..jan marah.. :B

  2. mimangg chen. HAHAHA. tida marah. sbb btul. XD

  3. hohoho...so bez laa kmu ini...huhu