03 July 2011

Assalamualaikum readers. ;)
well, im posting about what happened on 3rd of July 
(okay, i know its kinda late, but i will still tell you guys bout this)

we went to Crocker Range (again). well, this time for a picnic ;)
okay, KFC. lol.

butterfly ;)

it just wont come to me. grrr.

innocent face? :P

he said i am his sweet little angel <3

what thaaa face. LMAO!

come to me. ;)

i took this picture. :P

Mr. A <3

i got the keys, lets go home. :P

it was raining. he told me to wait till the rain stop. but i ran as i crossed the road. he yelled like a mom. HAHAHA!

the rain kinda stop. 

he brought me to Hillview. okay, he is just so full of surprises.

okay, it was raining (againnn). he came back with an umbrella. ;)

she floated down the aisle like a pageant queen. :P

okay, im screwed! big time. LOL

some stupid pose i made.

acting cute. FAILED! XD

sebentar sahaja berada di Hillview kerana cuaca yang ugh. nevermind. ;)

the signs

heading homeee. ;)
p/s: non of these pictures are mine. i just love to culik² pictures. :P