little in my mind

im having a tough week here. i can feel it. :P
okay, maybe this week belum pun berakhir, but monday pun enough the pressure. well, thank youuu oral bahasa Inggeris!

(picture from previous post)

me and my partner Bede, did our best even though both of us SAKIT! the memorizing part also was kinda hard. for Bede, he had gone to Kuala Penyu for the Saturday and Sunday. for me, i forgot where i put the script copy for me. that means no practice AT ALL during Saturday and Sunday.

the acting part, was all messed up. Bede cant stand seeing my face. AHAHHAHA. i just blinked my eyes and he suddenly laugh. errg. whats so funny bout my face? eee.

our acting was about an annoying waiter with an impatient customer.

thanks for the sakit-sakit thing, everyone is like "kau betul ka tidak nie?". seriously. its not like im insane :D

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