okay guys, 1M1S thingy is so LAST WEEK aite?!! im sorry for the SO-LATE-UPDATES. mainly because i only have time for blogging on weekdays. its not like i dont love my blog. oooohh, i love youuu bloggiee.
enough with the craps? SURE THING! :P

okay, i didnt manage to capture any pictures of us the sweaty running ugly ladies. right after the shitty larian. probably not larian, its kinda jalan linggang-linggang or just jogging. i snapped a few pictures of us in the class.

OKAYYY PROBABLY NOT ME juga capturing the pictures. HAHAHAHAH!
few of my classmates were holding my phone. but im confident most of the pictures are taken by LALA :)

me and BEDE. that is my seat in the class. okay, seriously this guy always calls me KURA-KURA. -,-"

this is the peeps who sit behind me in class.the guy with songkok is BEDE's accomplice. both of them are E-V-I-L! 
the girl with the oh-so-stunning smile is my friend LALA ;)

based on my perspective, she is one elegant lady i know. ;)

WTH was i doing? HAHAHAHHA!


those evil creatures. GRRR. :P

see what they did?????? HAHAHAHAH! NVM, i still love them as my friends. or NEMESIS? :P

i asked them to do this cute-annoying-oh-so-stupid pose. 


im SO NOT GOOD when it comes to acting cute.
i look like one desperate burglar there. LOL.

it came out as one gay pose. LOL. JK guys! XD

Khelvin ruined the picture purrfect moment. i forced them to that stupid cute pose. HAHAHAH!

the natural one. ;)

the blank-face of Faizah@Kak Jah. :P

 okay, these photos are credited to CHACHA NEESA. i stole these pictures from her.
she posted on my wall. i mean facebook wall. HAHAHA. 

me after the larian wearing SAGA jacket. :P

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