Did you know that an ostrich's brain is smaller than its eye?

9hb of June; mr.bautaii willingly helped me made a new sim. same number okay. i mean SIMS. two sims. HAHAH. firstly, thank youuu ;)

after that, i thought he was going to send me home. but, he made a surprise for me. oh God, i didnt see that coming, he was wearing something that i can call smart. i was like okayy, just wearing tracksuit and a white shirt. HAHAHA! 

i just love surprises. he brought me to Hillview Garden but it was closed. then, he drove to this place that got OSTRICH! i never saw ostriches in my whole life! LOL.

so simple! me and the fake cow. HAHAHA! surely we're not identical okay!! XD

these ostriches were SOOOOO BIGGGGGGG! 

one of the tuan rumah. i think they are the witch doctors.
 "heyy. whats up! peacee dudes!!"

 muka dia sama sma muka c JURAINI!! 

if im not mistaken, this is the barking deer. 

this one has "yummy" colors.

 going up to the observatory tower! 

 our feet.

 i was pointing at this cute creatures!
 do i look like one of the ostriches? eeee. MUST. SAY. NO! XD

 me and him argued bout this animal. i called it swans. he called it gooses.as soon as we got there, he said it was a duck. HAHAHAHA!

 trying to look like those deer or rusa or whatsoevaa. FAILED!!

we had so much fun naming animals and plants. looking forward for another fun trip like this. thank youu. ;)

p/s: non of these pictures are mine. all are taken from his camera. 


  1. ngehehe..sweet thap gaban,epopie...

  2. ngewrr. i never know bout that place u went. hahahaha

  3. thanks aun. HAHA. patin, sa punnnn mana tau tuu. XD