a lighter Thursday


thank God, im carrying a lighter burden now. lol. not much relating to responsibility but more to works, assignments, competition. oh im just tired. well, this week, i've represented my class in Teka Silang Kata, Sudoku and choral speaking. oh yeah, not only me, but all of my classmate participate in this choral speaking.

today was the due date for us to send our Agama Islam assignment, the sudoku competition and of course our choral speaking competition. my expectation is not too high on the sudoku. i mean, im so not good with numbers. it was me and my classmate, Hermah who represented the class. with the answers we provided just now, its a big N-O for us to win. too impossible. lol

and for our choral speaking, the first class to present their choral speaking was 5 Delta. our senior of course. the second one was us. 5 Delta was doing great. seeing them performed made me nervous. okay, thats because im the leader of our class choral speaking chosen by our English teacher, Teacher Mag. our conduct-er was Haanii who is familiar with the script.

while waiting for the marks to be counted, we sat in a group and our class was the first one to start the cheering thing. "Epop, epop, epop,epop,epop,epop,epop,epop,epop,epop,epop,epop,!". obviously asking for a picnic. lol. then 5 Delta was like challenging us. and made their own yell. that continued until the PSS told us to shut the fuck up. LMAO!

the 5th place goes to 4 Maxis. 4th place to 5Astro. and the final three were told to stand up. we were so nervous even though this is only against classes. the third place was 5 Delta. they announced the 1st place after that, cant believe it was US! the 4 Delta!

i was so damn happy i realize my feet werent even touching the ground. lol. i was jumping outta joy. oh btw, today was also Syasya's birthday. so we sang a happy birthday song for her.
under this circumstance, im very sure my classmates will ask for a picnic WITH ME SPENDING ALL. okay,  i'll try my best to find a way to treat them.

(click for a larger image)

okay, we're going to present our choral speaking AGAIN during the closing ceremony. 


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