Ramadhan :)


hi you guys. im so so sorry lama sangat tida update. its the sixteen days of fasting. okay, so kinda late to wish SELAMAT BERPUASA but still i want to wish you guys selamat berpuasa :)

before the fasting month begin, me and surely me precious spent our time together and went to Honey Sweet for a drink :)

the next day (31hb July, a day before Ramadhan) we celebrated his birthday. i know its kinda late, but i was so busy with Choral Speaking Competition during his birthday which due date was 26July. i made a surprise for him. but i admit that it was sooooooooo not a surprise. he didnt really realize the cake was for him although we pick up the cake together at my bestie's house. and only both of us ate that cake (how greedy of him) :p

it was an ICE CREAM CAKE yeaaah! :D

otw home :)

during Ramadhan:

groceries-shopping. lol doing chores :)
me and my precious went out to supermarket doing groceries-shopping :)

KK time with my cousins :) (5 Aug)
broke fast tepi pantai. :)

im like the ugliest there. i admit i didnt see that coming. i didnt know we were going to stop by at Center Point.

second day in KK (6 Aug)

broke fast with my precious :) (8Aug)

KK AGAIN (14Aug)
me,nenek, aunt, izzy and my dad. separated the old folks gang and met Anan; mamy and daddy at KK Plaza.

Tongs moment :p

me and my dear hunhun :)

us the chicks :)

izzy was waiting for dad to pick us up but unfortunately we were lost and didnt know where dad was lol

pengantin. in front of them were 3 Volkswagen Beetle and as well as their back, 3 Volkswagen Beetle. that was completely owsomee! i think those Beetles were rented. 

otw home while dad was sleeping.

so does Izzy hahahahhahaa :D

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