guys, sorry for the oh-so-no-updates. im kinda busy lately.

firstly; my phone is seriously being a bitch damaged!

secondly; i have to work on my folio A.I, the due date is on tuesday (26 July 2011) yet the first page is still blank. i am one fearless bastard.

thirdly; our english teacher put me in charge of the choral speaking for our class. so, i am one small leader that they never listen to. im pissed, some of the blockheads just wont listen my instruction. okay you guys, im trying to make everything perfect here so our teacher wont be disappointed. she already helped us with the theme.

fourthly; our exam is around le corner. i heard its on 8 of August. im so not ready yet!

fifthly; im busy making preparation for my History presentation.

so much for the busy-ness. im off peeps :D

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