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Saturday bersamaan dengan 16 Julai 2011, guess what, the "Hari Bertemu Pelanggan" was held in our school. okay, seriously i feel awkward bringing my parents to school. get teased by friends part is the most awkward thing.

for the people who ranked top-ten in every form, we got insentif oh bla-bla-bla. i dont know. i thought my parents (either my mom or dad) will not come. they are always like that. HAHAHA! since they didnt come to the Majlis Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang this year to see me given award as the pelajar cemerlang PMR konon.

but this time, my dad came. maybe because me and sister got this intensif top ten thing. my sister got like 40MYR. but me, i got 60MYR. surprisingly i spent all of the money in a day. well, not suprising at all. that always happen. LOL.

our class made some santapan for the parents and of course US! i brought the water dispenser, milo and disposable cups. while my friend Peja brought air panas, spatula and susu pekat. the sandwiches were prepared by Lila.

Peja and Lala. interframe c Pinutt. :P

our penolong guru kelas with Haanii's mom. the woman wearing tudung was Peja's mom.

suicide? :P

cheeky Ochie

awkward O.O

after the nagging-hours ended. me and my precious went to the town. we had our lunch together and he accompanied me buying things and sent me home.

of course belum habis lagi. hehehe. 4 o'clock something gitu, he fetched me up to play badminton. i tagged along my bro so we wont be bored and alone there. 

thats my precious with his oh-so-tembirang pukulan. XD

my bro

my bro was only wearing a slipper. he didnt expect us to bring him to play badminton. HAHA!

okay guys, bersukan is a must. exercise regularly. 
it is vital, not only to our body but also to the brain. (sangat mengada-ngada) HAHAA!

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