never thought that my Monday would've be this awesome!

Izzy: bila lagi nie mau hang out sma Shaby? Rinduu laa~
Me: hari Selasa dia pegi forum dah tu. jum pi ari isnin. i belanje pizza.


Me: Hello Shaby, watchuu doingg?
Shaby: tiada apa². why?
Me: tedaa. hehehehe. free ka isnin petang? jum makan pizza~ i belanjee.
Me: eyalaaa. mcm jak i tak berduit you tanya begituu tau.

near Pizza hut they already (Izzy and Shaby) desperate for Iced Chocolate Float. LOLOLOLOL!

i set the venue to Monday because Shaby was going to KK on Tuesday. its because she was involved in the Forum Remaja representing our district. i miss her since we didnt have the chance to meet because of the SAGA. thats why we set a date to meet her before her Forum.

Izzy and Shaby while waiting for Ewan to come.

Shaby, isnt she comel? ;3


Shaby & i.

Me and Izzy. it was the simplest outfit i could wear.

Wantut with his oh-so-not-ready face. LOL. i just love candid!

the cute boy next to our table who balik-balik tengok kami. he's kinda cute. :P

Izzy was taking his picture while i take pictures of them. Ewan was so embarrassed. LOL

woopp wooooop! this is Shaby! ;)

 i laughed too hard while taking a zoomed pictures of her. thats why it turned out shaky.
these bestfriend. ;P

wantutt eating.

 Ms. Epop paid for this

finished our food. that left only me and Izzy. Shaby and Ewan already left.

on the way home riding mom's Estima.

opened the roof. feeling like a G6. :P

p/s: im so not in the mood to write. sorry. ;)

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