sorry no updates guys during this mid-term break. i was so busy with SAGA. well, for those who doesnt know what SAGA stands for, SAGA stands for Sabah Games. it is held once for 3 years. this time i got lucky, im on duty during SAGA! yeaah. im one of the AJK Teknikal. we have elaun you know. LOL.
it was held from 6th of June till 11th of June. we're on the bahagian pembahagian hadiah so we started our work on 7th of June and ended early on 10 June. we're the AJK that was incharged in the Olahraga part. well, basically, 6th June and 11 of June are just the opening ceremony and closing ceremony respectively. i dont have anything else to say, so here goes the pictures to replace my words.


before going to Complex to take our name tag, i managed to snap a few pictures of Sleeping Tina. LOL. serves you right! and thank you for sleeping at the living room. LOL. (im evil! OMG3!)

working on the name tag. arranging them in categories so it would be easy to find.
found mine.

we have to find our pictures here to stick it on our name tag.

i was the awkward green girl. and pretty much ugly too. LOL.

seriously, im the tallest and the biggest paha ka? ewww.

i have the super duper ugly picture in my application form. so i took my PMR picture and replaced it like a boss. LOL. i still think my PMR picture is ugly. but it was better than the one in my SAGA application form.

my cousins and aunt plus the matulais.
pretending im not the tallest one. :P

what with that teeth pose of mine? eww.

it was about 7pm.

i do look mature. :P

matulais. :P

these gorgeous anak beranak.

me and cousin Nani.

the other AJK in bahagian hadiah in our traditional outfit.

posing with name tags. :P

2nd Day On Duty(8hb of June)

i didnt have time to snap pictures. sorry guys. plus my phone ran out of battery.
and i have no charger at that time. 

 3rd day On Duty (9hb Of June)

since Emelda and friends wore that traditional outfit for 2 days, they've decided that it was our turn to wear one. we just wore kurung since it is better for us muslims. :P

with the rest of the AJKs.

take note; i didnt wear any make-up like my cousins did. B)

like a boss. LOL

they forced me to put on a lipbalm! LOL.


guess what is that? 

us with the MCs.

lepas b'tugas tuh, direct terus pi rumah cousin. diorang Farah Ateeqa. ada kenduri. ;P

Atiqa, me and Syilah.

us again!

the view from where i sat. their house is colorful. and absolutely stunning! 

did i mention i love candid ? :P

 i was going to zoom at their nose. LOL. i was laughing too hard and i didnt zoomed it to the fullest. 

look at their faces. LOL

them again almost laugh their ass out. LOL.

hello, i have a 8.1 megapixels camera. dont assume that i cant capture your picture even though you move far to the right. :P

her gray lens, same like mine. :P

i was about to zoom. :P

i love this picture with Kak Milang scary face. :P

cousin Tika&Azza.

4th day On Duty (10hb of June)

they are just so sweet. ;)

4Xsomething M. hengsem ape? :P

obviously acting like a winner on the podium. or like a boss? :P

us with the matulais. i mean the other AJK. LOL. they were specialized on the track. while us the girls just on the grandstand.

with Anis Maisara & Anis Sofea. they are just so sweet.

changed clothes. i've showered okay!

the AJK hadiah. 

co-khidmat and the rest of the teknikals at the end of the Olahraga.

me with Kak Milang. extremely large shirt even though it was just a size M shirt.

me is soo the tembamm-tembamm! (perasannn)

rehearsing for the closing ceremony. i do not know what group is that.

Olahraga ended on 10hb in the evening. Finale for football was going to be held at night. so, while waiting for the football to start, we went to some warung and ate soto. LOL. due to the tiring day, our faces were so oily! that "atlet berpotensi, harapan bangsa, emas perak gangsa, penentu juaraaaaaa" "matulaiiii, oooooo, matulaiiii" that songs, seriously stuck on my head!

sitting on the bench while waiting for the game to start.

i think she got bored.

me and cousin Syilah.

the football team. Keningau vs. KK. me and Syilah got our of control that we shouted so hard on the tension-ing moments.

 i have no time to clean my room due to the SAGA. i was so busy and i didnt get enough sleep. so, presenting my room;

p/s: i do not own some of the pictures.

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