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yesterday (18 June) i went to KK along with my cousins and aunt and uncle. mainly, we went there to watch football match between Sekolah Sukan Negeri Sabah and Sekolah Sukan Negeri Johor. and my aunt had to attend a course at Inanam.

it was early in the morning. i mean like EARLY! they picked me up at my house at about 5.30am something. idk what the hell happened to my alarm clock. i almost didnt wake up! thank God, round 2 alarm clock rang. mula-mula tu set pukul 4, idk what the hell happened. pastu, yang pukul 5 rang. t'bangun juga~ hihihihi. (okay, i have a serious problem waking up in the morning, but thats okay, im lovin it. :P ) i was so in a hurry that morning. at the time they arrived, i havent put on clothes and almost left the house wearing my towel. thankfully mom realized.

we had our breakfast at Papar. 

 Anis who sat in front of me. she probably lose her appetite because of the long journey.

after sending aunt to her course, we stopped by at Likas Bay to see what was going on since it was crowded there. and guess what, there was a Dragon Boat Race. 
so-non-edit! i love the lights.
watching the Dragon Boat. Lol. we got like the best spot ever!

the awkward dudes standing blocking my way.

the race was participate by humans. not dragon okay?

Little cousin Anis.

Kak Milang with her glorious peace sign. :P

 after that, we went to Wisma Merdeka. my cousins wanted to buy watches. well, it was kinda boring to wait for the shops in there to open. 

next spot was CP! and my uncle was hungry. so, we went to the basement and ate roti kosong at i-dont-know stall was that. 

it was a major embarrassment! my uncle said stupid and embarrassing stuffs to the waiter about me. he said like;

"kalau lebih 20 ringgit, kau ambil jak antara 3 orang perempuan nie bikin cuci piring. ambil yang ini ka yg duduk di tengah (which was me) sebab dia cantik"
i take that as a compliment. LMAO!

"dari Keningau nie, pertama kali dia pigi KK. sanggup nie sebab mau rasa kau punya roti jak."
and banyakk lagiee which i do not want to post! grrr. btw, that is so untrue. LOLOLOLOL! IDC btw, it was damn hilarious!

 after going to CP, we went to KK Plaza to buy some things which dak Milang needed. shortly after that we picked up Aunt and went straight to the Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu for our Zohor pray (jamak takdim).

me and Nani. us with the pole is my favorite. unleashed the color of beautiful sunshine.

next spot: Pasar Gantung
eating was like every second!
Anis was being annoying and pushy. she asked for a new shoes.

 just after eating at Pasar Gantung, we went straight to the complex to witness their match with our own eyes. the school representing Sabah was my school. i mean IS my school. the game sucks because of the idiot referee. SERIOUSLY! i was getting emotional and shouted "TUKAR REF!!" (hey! i always get too emotional when it comes to football) LOL.

i wish i could just yell "JANGAN PUTUS ASA, CUBAA LAGIIEE" in a melodic way. 

this girl was complaining and got bored, she went walking around with her stupid annoying big headed balloon . well, i yelled at her because of her balloon blocking my view to the field. (yes, im so emotional)

the boys after the game ended. 

geeky me at Suria Sabah's toilet. LOL. i think the washroom was my first spot in Suria Sabah. LOL.

the cashier packing our shirts which we bought. LOL.

and guess what! in conjunction with Fathers Day, this shop gives away a free "I♥Dad" tee for purchases RM100 and above in a single receipt. we got this shirt. so, we let my aunt have it. LOL.

for dinner, we ate at Kak Nong Restaurant. wooopp wooopp! 

searching for food. what to eat what to eat!

me and Nani ordered Soto and shared an ABC.

 we arrived home about 11pm something. we stopped by at my house to drop me off there but i have no key to the house and no one was awake. mom didnt answer my call too. so, i spent a night in kampung at my grandparent's house.

-the end-

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