where have i been lately?

hey peeps,  sorry with the so-no-no-no updates :D
i want to share something that happened before exams.well, my friends and i plus the teachers went to KEMABONG! anddd hell-ooooo! this is soooooo not a fun trip kays? :P

hahah! we went there mainly because of the Pertandingan Forum Remaja Peringkat Daerah. maybe not me, but my friends are. we were told to join them because we are the "pelapis". i remember it was on Thursday and we kinda sneaked out from the assembly. kehkehkehkeh. too bad our exam after Thursday. our exam was on ITS FRIDAY FRIDAY, WE HAVE AN EXAM ON FRIDAY (thanks Ms. Rebecca Black!)

just pictures to replace the words:

at Pekan Tenom, stopped by at Shell to refill the fuel.
the reserved participant, Shabirah.

approaching at the SMK Kemabong. it was sure a long journey, cant believe it? see our teacher's face. :P

she's gonna continue our school's triumph in Forum Remaja next year.

from left; Cynthia, Rosziana, Chya, Erra, Shaby, Nina, Pn. Railen
right: Cikgu Eddy

from left; Izyan, Ayu, Rini, Pn. Railen
watching the forum ;)

the group was from Tambunan. Tambunan was represented by SMK. Nambayan.

Sepulut was represented by SMK Sepulut.
the chairman is cute. ;3

Tenom was represented by the SMK Kemabong.
their chairperson is also cuteee. awwh.

the honorable judges. the head judges was from Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka. awesome rightt??

our school's turn, nervously waiting at the front door. after being quarantined.

Ros and Cynthia nervously walking towards Chya and Erra. they were about to start.

pelapis forum for next year. we're gonna kick ass! yeaahh!
from left; Izyan, Ayu & I.

The agenda.

they were happy and relieved after got down from the stage.
p/s: except for Ayu. :P
while the judges were counting the marks, we were served with a dance from SMK Kemabong's dancers.

Speech timee!

nervously waiting for the result.

and hey, they won you knoww! i mean our school won the Forum Remaja competition. so, we're moving to the higher level which is state level. its gonna be tougher guys.

they smiling faces. 

Pn. Railen with Chya on the stage. saja² la naik. heheh.

they managed to take picture with one of the judges. I think he's from SM. Ken Hwa.

them with Nina and Pn. Railen. Nina was the our ex-student who is experienced in Forum. she and her friends back then had represent Keningau to state level which was held at Tawau.

Them with Pn. Railen and Mr. Eddy. ;)


they're going to Kota Kinabalu this after the mid-break holiday. i think it is on 17hb of June. wish them luck. maybe we the future forummers wont be able to tag along with them cause their expenses will be paid by the Kementerian or school. im not very sure. Wish them luck! ;)

and im worried about the forum for next year. im worried it might clashed with the English Debate Competition just like this year. they happened at the same day! same time! OMG! im hoping it will not. ;)

-the end-

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