Kenduri at Syilah's

i dont really know why they held kenduri. they made delicious dish too! OMG! prawwnnnn! im so crazy over seafoods! gulai, kari, tomyammmmmm etc etc. i just cant recall. its just so yummy that words cant describe (hey, i was craving for prawn oke! its not like i never ate prawns before)
i didnt follow mom that night because i know she's going there late. herrgghh.
so, i asked cousin Fatin to pick me up at home. our home is just few meters away but no one was at her home that night. cousin Fatin was also not home. she was at Panagatan, at her mother in law's house. yet she came to the kenduri. she picked me up around 8 something like that. hahah!
okay, thats worth it because mom would've arrive something around 9 or 9.30 pm.
p/s: i dont know what to say, so just pictures to tell the story. ;)

Farah Amira & Farah Ateeqa.
arent we awesome?! :P
the green-shirted guy is also my cousin, Cousin Ejan.

Yun with her niece, Lulu.
Heyy! also my niece! :P

there's the mom that is in the baju kurung. :P
LOL! JK ok? i wore skirt that night, next to me is my freaky cousin Apik, and next to him is his sister, cousin Syilah. the girl in hot pink shirt is cousin Nani. hehehe.


why do i look like tagap there? ergh. next to me is cousin Fatin. isnt she gorgeous. she's a gorgeous young mom! yeah! \m/

us again! with Memet ;)

okay, the orang-tua chit chat. HAHA! if they are orang tua. wtf am i? their ancestor? hahaha! okay, they were gossiping i guess. girl's stuff. i mean kid's stuff. some kinda boyfriend thingy.

p/s/s: im tooooooooo lazy to write okay? dont mind me. :P
-the end-

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