kenduri Ejan.

okay last night bersamaan dengan hari Jumaat (HARI CUTIIIIIII), i attended Ejan's kenduri. its because he's going to KL today (28 May).so his family made a kenduri selamat for him. as i recall, its the 2nd kenduri held for him. firstly it was for his SPM. yeah, he excels in SPM you know. 9A+!
i arrived late because of my mom. hergh. as i stepped in the front door, they were already praying. no what i meant was i entered through the back door. hahahah! how rude kan me. hergh. idc, its not like im gonna walk in front of those alim-alim peeps. mainly because my hands werent covered. i dont blame mom btw. hahahah! 

me; what do i wear?
mom; just t-shirt.

here's some pictures taken after we ate. some of the pictures werent originally mine okay? i culik them from Cousin Fatin facebook. HAHAHA!

Anis, Fatin, Syilah, Yun, and our sweet niece; Lulu.

is that me? omg! i look awesome! bwhahahah! JKJKJKJKJKJK!
okay, i look sweet. is that enough? :P

Yun is feeding watermelon to Lulu. that cupcake over there taking picture was me. :P eh ehh cupcake? LMAO!
Lulu wasnt eating that watermelon okay? she's 4 months (i guess, not so sure) and dont have any teeth. how can you call that eating. she was just sucking the watermelon water. so, its really tasteless after she sucked the water. hahaha.

featuring us, the awesome ladies.
que music *haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~*

these pictures below are originally mine. i didnt culik this one like i did. hahahahah!

qualification to be a mom?

-the end-

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