school. yeah! \m/

i dont have anything fun to share today. so, here goes nothing. HAHA!

there's one girl at my class who had no idea about the "ike²". the ike² in one stupid circumstance. HAHAHAHA!
so, that stupid topic came up again right before our bahasa melayu class. thanks to Ken (surely not a real name).
things get hotter after our teacher came in. HAHAA! we were revising about the kata ajuk dan kata pindah.
so, there goes the dialog with the ike² word. ohmaygawd! HAHAHA! that "ike²" word then was buried after the teacher gave us paper about some dudes talking bout fishing and etc. HAHAHA! we were told to change the entire paragraph to kata pindah. shortly after that, something juicy came up. the two aliens infront of me started giving stupid nicknames. all of the nickname given were from 1940 watever and it is really old! maybe it was the dinosaurs' nickname. come on! it is really old. yet it was fun laughing! HAHAHA!

im sorry Dorothy for chasing you asking for money today. i really wanted to eat that pudding that Syasya made. Syasya or Faizah. im not quite sure but it was puddings! HAHAHA!

hey, im going off. the show "Sejuta Cinta Marshanda" is starting. HAHAH! cant believe im watching that indon drama. ergh! cant help it. Byee :)

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