tracksuit party

yeah, wondering whats the title about? HAHAH! its because yesterday my kepala mereng friends and i went out wearing TRACKSUIT. my kepala mereng friends who faithfully waited for me to arrive for about 2 hours. (its not like i live somewhere far from the town. but i was doing the house chores) sorry oh sorry my dear friends.

hermah,girl, pienah, lila, girl's guardian (padhil) and i were the people who jenjalan wearing tracksuit. HAHAH! its kinda awkward but since hermah was from school, we all decided to wear tracksuit.

i dont bring a lot of money bah that time, i only brought about 40 ringgit and siap owe Lila 5 ringgit lagik.
to buy shawl ofcourse. hahah! mainly, i need to go to the town yesterday because im buying mom a Mother's Day gift. guess what i bought for her? heeeee. not noww orait? wait til the Mother's Day. hopefully there will be a celebration at kampung. ngeeee. 

my cencumill friend Pienahh who is extremely afraid of earthworm. she cried when i handed her the earthworm on Thursday. even though i scare her a lot, i love her as a friend. :) 

 these pictures (all of the above) were captured when we were window shopping at Megasuperstore. right after buying shawls. window shopping ony, got no money ody. worrdd~ how awful.

this picture was captured when we were at Lot10. Lila was searching for a gift for her mother in conjunction with the Mother's Day. she was planning on buying her mother the cutest house slipper we saw at Lot10. She wasnt confident though what to buy. without buying anything, we left Lot10.

we were on our way home then SUDDENLY someone needed to go to the toilet. HAHAHA! we waited there for about 5 minutes. but me and Lila left early. Lila needed to go to the kedai jam to fix her ESPRIT watch. aaand i needed to go home early cause my father was calling me. werrgh~ :P

the left picture was captured near the pasar gantung. i dont know what the real name bytheway. hahahahah! on the way pi kedai jam la tuh. hehehe. the right picture was my father's hand and his GPS. i was inside the car oledy at that moment waiting for my little brother and sister. 
here's some word from my bro. :P

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