hell on school!

you might wonders why are these two ALIENS' faces shows up here. HAHA. JK! i was actually going to share something that happened at school today involving the green-shirt guy.

today was kinda hell to me. yeah, pretty much. during the "segar minda" session, i argued with this some stupid guy (who i do no want to expose his name) over yes! silly thing too. we argued about BIOLOGY. ohmaygawwd! he slapped me and insult me. hehh! that was pretty nice of you. thank youu! i gave no reply though. erghh! =/ i just said "ok". what a dumb reply after being insulted. i havent talked to him for a day (may continues!) HAHAHA! after giving that stupid reply, surprisingly i cried! the worst part was i cried in front of my *ttuuuuut*. well i hope he doesnt notice i was crying. hahahahah! :D

ohyaah, by the way, now i have a financial manager that is Dorothy! (my good friend who sit next to me in class). the good news is, i wont waste my money. the bad news is im gonna go hungry all the time! erghh. yesss, the hungry moment happened during the first day! our school had this Curriculum Week and any class can sell their food during recess. it continues till tomorrow. my today's limit is only RM1! i planned to buy ONLY nuggets during recess. but that evil CREAMPUFF stole my attention. so, dumbly, i bought the creampuff. after eating the creampuffs, i suddenly cried as i was walking and saw nuggets! how pathetic! crying over food. to stop the temptation, i returned to class. there i go crying like a baby. HAHAHA! the nuggets were probably FOREVER stuck in my head.
guess what! the GREEN-SHIRT guy  gave me money to buy the nuggets! yeaayy! i was jumping out of joy.
He sat in front of Dorothy, which in the front row. the name is AZRIE JOE or mostly known as BEDE. applause*

thanks Bede for spending me the nuggets and once again, the day is saved thanks to the BEDE!
(powerpuff girl ending) LMAO!

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  1. wow..kind of amazing entry here..ahaha..guess what i know this entry exist after 5 year its been posted..hahaha...gonna miss you,kuachi, and naj..T_T..miss our time begila-gila...

    by your bestfriend
    Berdz keeper of the light:)