experiment went wrong!

"Matiiii laaaa kita! matiiiiii laaa kitaaa!!!" one of my classmate jumped on the table and kick the shining thing. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" there goes the scream. LOL!

i guess the funniest thing that ever happened during our experiment. we (the 4DELTA) were doing a Chemistry experiment on empirical formula. Farisha (my ex-classmate from form 3/4Pentium) supposed to join us since she's taking Chemistry subject for SPM. but i think she didnt come cause i didnt see her. huu~

we had burned that magnesium for about 5 minutes. STILL, there was no changes! so Azhar's group tried on a different method to burn the magnesium quickly (since we were getting near to recess). they burn the magnesium on air and quickly put it inside the clay thingy. so, they volunteer themselves to help us. but it went wrong. wrong wrong wrong!

as the magnesium was burning, the other part yang berapii of the magnesium jatuh atas meja yang lain managed masuk dalam that clay thingy. the color yg sedang burning tuu, wuhhh! kacakk! memang cantik~ shining putih punya. then Pee saw the magnesium macam corrosive. masuk dalam permukaan meja tuh. wuuhh, he quickly kicked the bara². he thought by kicking it, api boleh mati. tapi, lepas dia sepak, macam firework teruss. wuuuh! meletup terus melompat pegi bawah meja. wahh! pity the volunteers, diorang melecur.

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