Chemistry Oh Chemistry

somehow i forgot to share bout this LAME-O extra class. its not like its so boring, its just i was super duper sleepy. -,-"

our chemistry EXTRA class was held on Friday.
(ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY!) something around 2 til 4 something (MY NAP TIME!!!). i dont recall. hahahah!
this is my friends, class and HOW WE SPENT MOST OF OUR TIME DURING EXTRA CLASS.


right after the teacher walked out the door. LAPTOP berkeluaran semuaa. hak milik sendiri atau pun laptop 1Malaysia, semuaa laa~ busy with their own laptop. most of them are playing that addictive ZOMBIE VS. PLANT! yesssh! it is addictive! too bad im cured cause i have mastered that game! (YAY MEE! :P)

that is our class monitor. i wonder what was he doing. :?
he's one responsible class monitor and youu can rely on him!
i hope he'll be our class monitor jugak for next year. Go DELTA! wuuuhuuu~ ^^

this is meeeee and my shy friend, Atizah (-,-")
i do not know why she's toooooooo shy to take pictures with me.
she's cute and adorable plus she always bring delicious beverages to school! HAHAHHAHA!
heyy, its not like im taking advantage of her food, btw i asked for permission!
sometimes she bring fruit cocktail (which is my favorite) and markisa!

he's not that stuck-up after all. he just looked stuck up here. hahahahhah! im sorry mr. Azhar.
he's one nice guy i ever met. we've been in one class for almost 4years! he's like my own big brother which always be there for me. he's a great friend ;)

that dude with the hat is my ONLY companion when going home from school. he's kinda weird and sometime annoying. HAHAHA! and he develop the same attitude as Atizah. the dont-like-to-take-pictures attitude. maygawwdd, where did you guys develop that?
the mustachio dude is the one who sit infront of me in the class. he's kinda annoying too when it comes to covering things up. LOL.


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