letter or poem?? but surely from an alien

im sorry for not updating this blog yaw~ im kinda busy. hehee. even though im kinda busy, i love you bah bloggie. wekk! :P

oke enough with the crap. HAHA! whats the title about?
its about someone who had taken my notebook or what they call DIARY SEKOLAH. its kinda annoying since all of the students MUST buy it. it happened during SEGAR MINDA. i know who took it, but i didnt realize that he wrote this in my book. 

My comments:
  1. you spelled my name the wrong way! its not Kipop, its Epop.
  2. spell thought correctly please. you spelled it *taught* that is the past tense for teach.
  3. the last stanza said that "pleasure seeking guy that had such quite eyes" hahhh! dont expect me to not know that! thats from the poem - He Had Such Quite Eyes  by Bibsy Soenharjo. studied that! wuuuuhuu!
  4. check your grammar and also SPELLING!


  1. Jeeee, what is this ? Kyahahha. Dunno wud to say owh. XD

  2. manteps? bwhahahahahha! cikgu inggelis kami pun lol oh baca. XD

  3. HAHA. sepa menulissnya?