bleach ooh bleach!

Salam. Happy Sunday! :P
my initial vacations day is very the boring-boring!
i have nothing to do rather than cuci-cuci mata watching online shops. im kinda shopaholic but this time i really dont have money! even shampoo i cant afford. now my head is turning into dandruff's habitat. yucks! my long nails show how disgusting it is!

okay shampoo. wait for me okay? maybe next week or probably till the school starts.smfh. T,T

<--- imma superhero called super ugly. (but still awesome! =P )
today i was supposed to go out with Shaby, Chya & some young man from outer space. hey, isnt it cool? we have made a friend from outer space. okay, seriously! i dont think so! i dont want to expose his identity, so i'll just mention him as "A"

so, about 2o'clock;
Me: jadi, c A jadi ka nie??
Chya: dia main-main jak mw spend kita.

he said kan last week he wanted to spend us ice-cream firstly. but since i deleted my facebook account, i do not know what's happening. the offer went up to KFC. HAHAH! but, *refer to Chya dialog.

i didnt join them because mom was asleep. (i told her to get ready an hour before 2 o'clock. herggh)

about 5o'clock i asked Shaby to accompany me to buy bleach. HAHAH!
hey, we're girls. so the 1st floor is a must! LOL!

bila dah lapar, buat muka hodoh yang ohsomm! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

that was my hand holding Shabby's bill. if you spotted the bangle in my other picture, you are sure lucky. ;)
if you have no idea what to buy for me as a gift. i recommend either bangle, ring, or BOTH! hehehe.


while i was getting through a boring day, Ms. Izzy Christy was shopping, or should i call it window-shopping? that little girl is our little cousin, Nana. :P
okay, she is currently at KB. but singgah jap di KK. maka berjalanlah dia dengan bertracksuit! LOLOLOLOL!
she texted me as she was window-shopping;


"urg len bejalan lawa² macam model. sa bejalan mcm urang gaji."

okay, Ms. Izzy Christy, you should be grateful ada jua jalan². not like me, stuck here in Keningau. T,T
btw, she's my cousin. we're kinda roommate+ housemate. since she's at KB, i'll be sleeping alone and have no one to laugh, talk, gossip to.

stay tune~
-the end-


  1. OUch ,hated Mr.A~ >.<
    Kana tipu hidup2 laee tuhh.

  2. yeaahh! jangan biarkan diri ditipu lagi.

  3. Eyahh. Can't believe anybadehh. X(