before the 1st semester ends.

okay, we finished our exams before Friday. you want me to sing the song Friday so you have a clue what comes before Friday? 
Yesterday was Thursday, ThursdayToday i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’) We-we-we so excitedWe so excited We gonna have a ball today
Tomorrow is Saturday And Sunday comes after...wardsI don’t want this weekend to end

LOL! our exams ended on Thursday. But, ergh wth! our school ordered that we must go to school on Friday.

It’s Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. Friday, FridayGettin’ down on Friday Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend 
HAHAHA! we have this Satu-Murid-Satu-Sukan-Pendaftaran. but us, the morning session have to clean our class first. its because those SAGA contingent will berkampung at our school. not only our school, but also the other school. our school is one of them.

i didnt know that our class will be used. so i didnt brought my books home the day before cleaning-day.
they said our class (4Delta) will be used. belum terkejut tahap jembalang lagik. all of us cooperate to clean our class la and make sure nothing is left. the first thing i did as i entered our classroom was i took the duty roster, organisation chart, and the birthdays chart. the other girls were sweeping floor while the boys arrange the tables and chairs outside.

okay, i dont who took away my table but he did mentioned my books. muka selambanya, bagik keluar buku² di laci pastu toleh pi meja belakang. hoiii, tekejut tahap nak mampos! i suddenly remember i left ALLLLLLLL of my books here bah at class. tiada exception. dari awal tahun memang tinggal buku di kelas. okay, i was being unfair, i used 2 tables to keep my book. hahahahha! padah kena sendiri. herghhh. how thee fish am i gonna bring those books pulang? plus i only bawa beg kecik. hergh.

belum sempat fikir pasal buku, we were ordered to go to the school hall. pendaftaran lah maklumlah. i left the class lambat sikit because i was worried. other than me, there were a group of boys who was playing ball. they handmade ball. they were playing throw-and-catch. but they must throw the ball at a great velocity. i mean like sekuat-kuatnyaa. they were only 4 girls in the class left including me. i went to the back of the class to check on my wallet. (its not like i have money in it but, Ochie just gave me RM20 something, if i left my money at my pocket, surely im gonna use it. so i put it in my wallet. i glanced at the boys that were playing ball. okay, dekat jak with me. i had an uneasy feeling, then i glanced at them again. wuooihh, how surprisingly the ball was few inches near my head. i was about to turn my head and dodge the ball. ooh too bad, i only managed to turn my head. so, it hit my head!! can you guys imagine ittttt? gawsshh! my head hurts badly i cried! they were trying to persuade me but i push them away and immediately go down the hall. thank God, "he" didnt see me crying. i cant help it but cry. the pain was so tremendous. about 15 minutes later i managed to calm myself down with the help of my friends.

its time for the sports registration. my friends and i were confused of what sports to choose. at last, we made up our mind and picked Ping Pong. HAHAH! ping-pong, here we come. :)

after that, pulang balek pegi kelas. herghh. tunggu waktu pulang. BORED TO DEATHH! those stuck-up boys continue playing ball lagi. and the ladies have their own perkampungan. HAHA! almost all of the ladies were learning how to knit from our knitting expert, Faizah. *applause*

King-kingg. XD

what was Syaffa doing? he was staring the newspaper or somehow thinking of someone else. eheemmmmm!
i approached her and touched her knee. HAHAH! she's the number one sensitive person in my class!
not sensitive that easily get hurt. scientifically, she has many receptors. HAHAHAH!
even if you touch her pocket or whatever on her, she'll go ninjaa.

okay, i told you guys so. they're knitting!

those ladies were busy, ermmm. gossiping? or watching football? LOL.
i dont know. hahahah!

those boys were busy watching football.

Faizah and Ayu. ;)

oke, this is nothing related to knit. what the heck was she doing???! 

our boards that now is covered with newspapers. lots of it!

errr, i do not know whose food is this okay?
it was my friends who was playing with my phone.

the knitting expert in our class. all hail Faizah! LOLOLOLOL!

-the end-

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