ai el ooh vee ee ess hech aeeh bie waii

surely in a simple mode. ;)
jika anda masih boleh membaca title entry di atas, anda sangat bertuah. bertuah, i mean it! :)
i have nothing to say. just pictures to replace my words. muah muaah!

yes me. simple mode. masih di rumah ;)

yang cewek bertudung hitam atau lebih di kenali sebagai *refer to the title. :P
membeli selipar!

 sila bersabar dengan lagak si kecil cilik/licik. =p
saya ada dua selipar dalam satu masa. anda ada?
que music*haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~*

our town kan, sangat bersih. refer to the pictures. no rubbish aite? siap flower lagiee. ngeeee :D
 miaoww miaoowww Shaby! ;)

okay, i was wearing pink gown and a tiara with a glass heels.
im not lying! :x

btw, i had fun today with Shaby. we're going out lagie on Friday! ;)
make sure you stay tune. hihihihi.
-the end-


  1. Okayh , I love thissss .
    When I read the title It's like Awhh.
    I saw the pic it's like Woah.
    I read your words it's like Kyahahha! XD

    Hey Hun ,keep blogging like this.
    LOVE U too and more , Muachhx! ;3

  2. yuy, why the picture like woaah?
    why the words like kyhahaha?
    explain your answer in 180 words. bwhahah! :P

  3. Nyewww , I just can explain with 3 words, I LOVE IT! XDD