reasons why i failed to save money.

im a student, so im poor. if you follow my twitter, you'd know how often i complain about my extremely annoying wasteful attitude. or perhaps my followers have grow bored of my everyday complains about the same thing that some of them unfollowed me or maybe have committed suicide. lolololol.

hello im 17 (oh well, 17 in December, so what?) and i incredulously spend money on stupid things with no intention of using them. so the words "i have no money" and "broke" have become my unwanted bestfriend. i've read few articles on how to save money, but the word SAVE MONEY is simply not in my dictionary. 

i've tried few common things as ways to save money such as preparing 3 piggy banks (each is for saving, miscellaneous, rainy days.), saving receipts for everything i bought in a month, prioritize, bring food from home to school, lists out and calculate how much i have to save per week, per month, to attain each of my savings goals.

so why i failed? i do not have self discipline! shizzzzz. that's for sure.

what's wrong with the 3 piggy banks? - saving, miscellaneous, rainy days.
the problem with this piggy banks way is i keep digging out money from each of them mainly because of certain circumstances which i consider as "emergency" or should i say between life and death even though it's not. so this is soooo not working for me!

saving receipts for everything i bought in a month
this seemed to work at first since i can track things i bought. but this somehow encourage me to shop more. so urgghhhhh. as i see a receipt (70MYR),

the evil side of me: "holy shit, 70MYR only? girl, you need to spend more. the number 70 is sooooo hideous, 3 digits is more cute"

and most of the time, i buy things from stalls/stops that dont give out receipts. i go to the night market almost everyday. like seriously? who would ask for receipt in night market? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

how about prioritizing?
the thing with prioritizing is EVERYTHING I DESIRED IS IMPORTANT, at least that's what my mind been telling me. especially when it comes to jewelry from online shops. i always panic whenever i see cute things on online shops as they practice FIRST COME FIRST SERVE oh i hate that shit. and there goes the evil side of me speaking again

the evil side of me: go grab it fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else, someone will grab it first, and you'll lose that baby and that is sooooooooooooo your lost! that will be the regret that will slowly eat you up. so grab it or just die outta regrets.

bring food from home to school
since im a (lazy) high school student, it's hard for me to wake up early as possible to cook every single day. can you explain how can i wake up at 5 or 4 am to cook when i sleep late somewhere around 12 or 1 am? oh you guise im just a kid who needs 24 hours of sleep lololol. so yeah i end up buying every delicious and temptating food in school since i dont even have the time to eat breakfast at home lol.

oh plus the food in our school is superbly awesome, im not saying in the canteen or whatever, but since my friends are selling every awesome food at school asdfaghagjbvuiauhdkjashfui it's just hard to resist those lovely food.............oh i love food so much like a fat boy hates eating veggies.

lists out and calculate how much i have to save per week, per month, to attain each of my savings goals.
i tried this but it just doesn't work. i dont know why. i calculate how much pocket money i have to save, how much to bank in, how much to spend, how to ughhh adfghfjksahalafja oh shut up epop. and sometimes when i have large amount of money, i dont know what to do with it, so i just buy useless things such as 4561489485158481 shower creams, bath in money, or simply feed it to my neighbour's dog. lololololjk

oh damn i need a new alternative which doesn't involve self-discipline cuz self-discipline is so not kewl lololol oh yea im trying this new stupid way of saving money which is hiding my money wherever possible. so when i accidentally found them i'd be so blessed and go "WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i have money all along" so i'd just spend the whole money. DAZRAIT BITJESS



  1. yeah,you're right. we spend money more than save 'em.. :D

    #i've done following you. i love your simple blog, it's nice ;)

  2. Epop epop, kelakar kau ni. Haih.