Day 9

•Day 09- Something you’re proud of

It does not matter how big or how small your achievements are as long as you know you worked hard for it. am i right?  everything i worked for, every paper i wasted, every lead pencil yang patah, every pen yang terkorban, every effort is worthwhile.  im thankful that i've improvised from year to year. starting from the first year in high school, i was such a nuisance, mischievous and frankly a student who never studied anything. and the second year in highschool which was form 2, i've failed several subjects, yet i cared less about it and still with the never-studied-anything shit. i needed a wake up call i guess? those bad grades had slapped me in the face clearly that was a wake up call. and during my important year which when i was facing my PMR, i finally faced the book. i finally started taking education seriously. that was the year where i was trying my hardest sepenuh jiwa raga untuk cover those chapters i've missed during form 1 and form 2. i didnt even know what the hell was Pythagoras Theorem and screwed up when it came to Geometrical Construction. yes, i admit that i was stupid for not even knowing that. sometimes, i nearly gave up in studying those horrible chapters i've missed, i almost cried, but i thanked Allah s.w.t for the people (family, friends and him)who motivated me to keep going and keep fighting. i regretted my actions of playing around at school and not paying attention in class. i was enthusiastic in covering all of the chapter i've left out and thankfully everything that i worked for had payed off. 

oh yea, im facing big exam next year, tadaaaaaaaaa Saya Pergi Mati (SPM) for me! pray for me (:

Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so. - Charles De Gaulle

p/s: sorry, a day late, again u_u 

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  1. owh, spm...

    just a little tip waktu study, kalau konsisten buat ni inshaAllah waktu last day siap boleh baca buku doraemon lagi...

    setiap kali sebelum tidur, cuba ingat balik apa yang cikgu ajar pada hari tu, kalau cikgu ada buat gaya pelik2 ke, ingat balik situasi/suasana waktu tu...