Day 8

• Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why


so here's my short term (impossible) goals for December;

  1. fill up my "Rekod Buku Nilam". and thats like 500 books to read. this is what i aimed for.
  2. since im inde-fucking-pendent (actually no), i want to shop with my own money since there's gonna be sales all over by the end of this month. so, saving loads of money is the fundamental shit.
  3. finish watching all 150++ movies in a month 'cause those addicting movies are not gonna get in my way and affect my study next year. big N-O! (well, hopefully no)
  4. get up early every morning and exercise everyday. its not about losing weight, its about being healthy okay.
  5. probably have the best 16th birthday ever. hopefully i can spend the entire day with those people i love (:
  6. Revise those killer subjects; Biology, Chemistry and goddamn Physics. Why? If I don't, I'm going to suffer for the rest of next year, yeah SPM.................pain in the ass .__.
  7. socialize back.....................in zwinky hahahahha. now that's lame. how lifeless i am. dont judge.

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