Day 2 - KK - Keningau

the day two continue. i didnt managed to snap as much as pictures i could as my phone is running out of battery and i forgot to charge it the night before and my hands are full of things. 

my sister eating her breakfast. the house may seem in a mess. LOL 

my brother and cousin Apis. i definitely have no idea what they were doing.

first place we (Dad, Mom, Me & Cousin Apis) went to; Karamunsing. we were there from 9 something in the moring til 3 pm. it was a tiring day! and i didnt get to buy what i wanted! ugh. i do not know what was the reason they picked Karamunsing as our first spot but then i knew that Dad is buying laptop because his previous laptop is dead. LOL.

we separated after that. me and mom went searching for clothes. Raya clothes. i suggested that we bought them early. tee heee. we bought only 4 kurungs and it costs us about RM710 something. seriously? okay, but i do not care as it was mom's money. :P

after that, we accidentally met Dad and cousin Apis at the elevator. coincidence? definitely!

so we went surveying the i-dont-know-what-floor-is that floor. and mom bought a printer, 2 CPU, MP3 player for Danial. while dad bought his laptop. as we were surveying,
THIS caught my attention. i asked mom for it. but she said "what do you want to do with that? that is just useless honey". that surely made me moody. as we passing stores that sell my baby, dad teased me! hishh.
i was pissed okay. then i went to the ground floor and went to the Mc'D so i wont get teased by them. eeee.
i had a double filet-o-fish and few other things.

 after that, i called dad for their whereabout, he said just wait there but i stubbornly went upstairs. then we met again, so i followed Dad to Mc'D. AGAIN! we had two Oreo Mc'Flurry. yummmy! then mom approached us there at Mc'D and TEASED me again. oh world!

i thought that we're going to CP after eating. but Dad said we have to wait for his laptop to be programmed. then, i waited him at a cafe for i do not know how long. moments later, i saw dad going to the ATM machine. he's up to something? earlier that morning, he bought a subwoofer. a BIGGGGG one. he gave me that up-to-something look as he approach the ATM machine that was like 100 meter from me. i shamelessly shouted from that cafe asking for a guitar. lolololololololol! dad once said that he's not gonna buy me a guitar EVER!
Mom approached me and we chit chat a little about her future life. lol. minutes after that, i saw cousin Apis said "i have a surprise for you". i was confused and he walked towards me holding a guitar. i was like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! i nearly shouted my whole heart out. the car was full with things. they spent nearly 5 thousands and made the back space of the car FULL!

soon after that, dad drives me and mom to CP and left us there. the first store we went to was Daiso. and we went to a boutique where we usually shop. you know girls took a long time to shop right? that what happened. we do not have enough time to shop for other things. after that, we went to Kaison and bought stuffs for home. but we only managed to grab few things because Dad was complaining. they planned to go to the beach but it was raining. after we met dad at Mc'D again! (but in CP), i asked for excuses because i need to buy a flat shoes because i was soooo tired walking in my wedge heels all day long. 

after buying my shoes, i met dad and mom again at the groundfloor. the 8 of us; Dad, Mom, Me, Baby, Danial, Adik, Echan and cousin Apis went to watch movie. since we already watch the pirate of the cabby, we picked the Kungfu Panda movie. it was damn hilarious and the whole people in the hall was laughing their asses out during certain scene. you should watch it yourself! 

just after the movie ended, we went home. had our dinner and went home. well peeps, im sorry that i was talking rubbish in this post. mainly because im tired and i need sleep. plus im going to Kompleks tomorrow. on duty. ;)

see yaa ;)

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