day 1 - Keningau&KK.

i didnt told you guys right i was going to KK. it was all of a sudden. dad suddenly asked us. LOLOLOL. i woke up from my beauty sleep and they told me to pack my things. thank God dad had something to do before going as i have date with Shaby. :P

mainly on that day, me and Shaby planned to hang out. but something came up so i only managed to accompany her sekejap. im sorry V.V

we went to Sri Keningau to eat the most important meals of the day. YAY! breakfast. :P


me and Shaby ;)

Shaby was eating Mee Goreng Ayam. well, all of us did. LOL.

did i mention Tina joined us?

 seriously ugly! erghh.

i secretly snapped this picture. WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT LIKE A BOSS! LMAO! 


Shaby and i

Again Shaby and i but with Pocketful! ;3

Shane and her precious. 

Chya and Apis. with their food. 


Shane. day-dreaming? im so dead if she sees this picture. XD


first attempt;
Chya, Shaby and i.


leaving the KFC.

accompanying Shaby buying clothes. its a girl thing okay?

 waiting for Dad to pick us up di tepi jalan. it feels awkward waiting at the tepi jalan besar in front of the market. seriously? -,-"

aksi gedik semasa dalam perjalanan. sila abaikan. XD

i was making the UGLIEST mouth pose evaaah! that is my sister. in this picture, she looked gorgeous with her mouth-pose-that-i-forced-her-to-do. she looked gorgeous and not weird,scary, spooky as always.

stopping by somewhere at Kimanis. i managed to snap ONLY this picture. this Koi fishes seriously reminds me of our dead Kois at home. they were poisoned to DEATH. okay, maybe not poisoned.

arrived. i was damnnn toooooo tired to walk in my wedge sneaker.

that lamp. ;3

our first snack as we arrived. 

seriously, my brother is weird.

 minutes later after arriving home, my dad said he wants to go to the bank. well, i asked him for a movie. and my cousin Apis and sister Baby tagged along.

we watched Pirates Of The Caribbean in 3D!

i prefer to watch it in 3D. mainly, because of the quality of graphic and we get to wear those 3D glasses which made us look awesome. okay, seriously not awesome. LOL. here's the trailer and some of the screen shots. 
grab your chance to watch this movie. awesome movie! but it scared the crap out of me as those EVIL AND SCARY mermaids appear. they was like attacking me in real world. 

up; my sister. doing that exposing teeth smile. Click to go to her blog 
down; me and dad. dad didnt realized. LOL.

p/s; sorry for the image quality. i do not know why it turned out like that. 
the story continues.......

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