it's nice to spend Saturday with hanging out with my friends. better than spending my precious Saturday on useless things - surfing the net all day till i lost my senses.

the girl in grey shirt is Chang, my former classmate during form 3. too bad we were in different class during the sophomore year. she's great i tell you. and the girl in purple or blue or whatever color it was, is my classmate since we were in elementary school.

frankly saying, im jealous of Chang's flawless and fair complexion. not to mention her height. heyyyy who wouldnt be jealous. it was a total contrast walking with her, she's tall and im less tall (yepppp), she's fair and zits-free while i looked like some girl who just came out from the microwave and infected with chicken pox.

and look whose gift i wore yesterday? she made it by herself. isnt she awesome? INDEEEED! i love you kak jah! :D

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