Busy Busy Busy!

Assalamualaikum and hi uols! sorry for being MIA. title pun Busy Busy Busy kan. hehe. tapi still i have time untuk blog tersayang. eceh. oh yea, selamat datang new followers! i noticed semenjak cuti 2011 hari tu, followers tiba-tiba jak naik rapidly, even though masa tu sibuk bercuti, berjalan sakan. followers tiba-tiba pula naik. aww comel lah :p

my calender said its 2012 dah, yours pun cakap gitu. hahaha. okay not funny at all. tahun nie i'll be sitting for the treacherous exam......................

Saya. Pergi. Mati.


hahahaha. okay, actually my lets-excel-ze-SPM progress = 0.

and my amin pun tahun nie STPM. all the best okay sayang? :D

i've been busy with school. eceh, pegi sekolah bukan belajar. hahahaha. its been the 2nd week since school reopened. tomorrow masuk 3rd week kan. but still, our school is busy with Sport's Day which is due tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. acara? i tak ikot apa-apa lah kak~ :p this budak rumah Kancil ada tulis nama untuk kawad kaki, tapi fikir balik, omg katakan tidak kepada sunburn :p

to be frank, masa tu memang banyak untuk study tapi i've been playing games. ALL DAY LONG. bukan lagi day, siap b'jaga malam lagi, game punya pasal lahh. even time-time sekolah pun sibuk berjaga malam. wuwuwuwu. okay FML!

aaaaand, im also busy filling my Nilam book record. phewww. its a long way to go. me and my two friends were selected by that one teacher in school to join the Nilam camp something in the mid of Feb, and she said we should fulfill our Nilam book record before the due camp as a preparation. so yeah, we're authorized to stay in the school's library by ourselves without the care and guidance from the pengawas pusat sumber. hahahahaha. 

im trying my best lah nie penuhkan buku Nilam~ =="

and talking bout school, i've been selected as the Keceriaan something-something in class. i've been wielding this position for like three years in a row? three or two? okay, doesnt matter :p

oh yeah, i'd like thank a very good friend of mine for buying these goods for me while he was on his vacation in Sarawak. to be frank, i almost cried when he sent these. thank you my dear friend (:

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