Day 11

•Day 11- What I would find in your bag?

continuing with the delayed blog challenge, sorry for the delayed! lets see what would you find in my bag. i dont frequently bring along my bag, so its a rare chance that you'd see me with my bag. i cleared some things in my bag last night, so here's what currently in it.

  1. my wallet
  2. lotion
  3. novel. i read different novel every month.
  4. tickets from Sabah Agricultural Park. (remember my trip with my friends?)
  5. pendrives
  6. guitar capo. hahahaha. how does the capo ended up in my bag? i dont have the slightest idea.
  7. Maybelline lip balm.
  8. receipts
  9. food. in case of emergency. errr? what kinda emergency? hahahaha
  10. my pink memo pad
  11. elastic band
  12. Ayat Kursi  given by an old man i met yesterday at Riza Bistro.

if you're lucky, you might find this creature in my  bag. hahahahaha. 

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