the boy who turned 11

first of all, Assalamualaikum and hello homo sapiens! please note that im so damn lazy to blog a long post, so here goes nothing! yeah, 31th of November was the day my younger bro, Danial turned 11. happy  birthday to him! his birthday celebration wasnt that massive, but it was remarkable (:

that is the boy who blew candles on 31th of November. his eldest sister is the awesome and pretty one loljk. he's the 3rd child in the family and the biker lol. he's like the gangster taman belakang sungai hahahahahah k...............

cousin Ann and i. the sumandaks in the house. cheers! we rawk! :p

here's a video of showing how late i recorded the singing moment. the three of them are my siblings! (including the one wearing PJ) hahaha :D

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