bid farewell to 2011 ♥

hey homo sapiens, aliens, cats, dogs, superhumans, policemen, talking birds, stalker or whatever you are!

first of all, do not ask me how im spending the last of 2011. im Futterwacken-ing vigorously! thats the answer to your question. anybody knows what is that? Google it. (remember, Google is always your friends, more like your Einstein friend)

seriously, im spending the last of 2011 with my lovable internet, tv and other type of entertainment. pretty lifeless huh. i know right. while other people are spending their last of 2011 BBQ-ing, launching fireworks, being with their loved ones, im here watching cartoon while eating junk foods. dont get it wrong, just because im pretty lifeless, doesnt mean i dont have loved ones or family or friends to celebrate with. im not really excited for 2012. i repeat, NOT EXCITED.

am i the only one in this planet Earth who is not happy for 2012? i shall move to Mars then.

so yeah, brb moving to Intan's house for pure excitement :p

so, talking bout new year, i have listed out my new year's resolution. have you? 

I’m ready to welcome 2012, not with a fizzle, but with a bang! im gonna make this 2012 a memorable one, starting tomorrow! so here's my so-called new year's resolution;

  1. GET FIT  OMG GET TO AN IDEAL WEIGHT BY MID 2012 YOU BASTARD!! *exhale inhale* calm your self down Epop. yes i mean that ideal and healthy, im thin as a rail for your information T__T
  2. prioritize and focus on it. a priority is a priority after all.
  4. study hard and excel in my SPM. GET BLOODY GREAT GRADES. im one of the SPM candidate next year! oh yeah, its time to get to the real shit *high five sorang sorang*
  5. don’t be over-confident about everything. NOT everything will fall into its right places. lower your expectations okay Epop sweetheart.
  6. get closer to the Almighty, Allah s.w.t.
  7. spend less time on the internet especially Twitter. this social networking site is so addictive its killing me.
  8. manage my financial wisely. save money for rainy days. shop less. SHOP LESS? EXCUSE ME? freakingly impossible but i'll try T__T
  9. never stop searching for new experiences, such as meeting new people, seeing new places, trying new food and beverages, listen to new music, watching new films and reading new books.
  10. balance my time between family, friends, and him
  11. be extra careful in driving. i dont want to get involved in more car accident. i dont want history to repeat. takmo takmo T_T
  12. do stuff in forbidden state. its likely what i called FUN. doing stuffs in such forbidden situation makes it more memorable. crime or stuffs against the law is excluded. in short, have loads of fun. do possible crazy things! life is too short to not have fun :3
  13. stop cursing. me and my holy-hell-made mouth.
in a nutshell, i just wanna be a better person (:

but again, resolutions? holy cow.

but i'll try (:

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