Assalamualaikum and hi! sorry for no update about the 30 days blog challenge and whatever going on in my life (lol no, im fabulously lifeless fyi). im gonna continue tomorrow okay? hihihi. yesterday, i went on an incredible journey with breathtaking views to my grandma's kampung mainly untuk wedding ceremony. some relative or something? i dont know, Lord knows, and my grandma too. to be frank, it was my first time and i felt like an alien as i stepped on the ground. any my cousin was like "first time? eihh first time?" okay, kau persendakanlah aku ini :p ho fucking yeah, i dont know anyone there, neglect the fact that i ran into my aunts there, kak CT, kak Ara, and kak Lily and the family lol.

us stopping by at Tambunan untuk minum pagi, not really minum pagi, since my cousins had soto and nasi goreng pattaya. how could they filled their tummy with such food especially bila jalan jauh? 

told you its a breathtaking view. the Kinabalu Mount was standing there, right in front of me. i couldnt believe how close i was (lol no, i've been to the base of the mount with my whole family, so much for the closeness).

so here is it, the homo sapiens who live there. those homo sapiens are mostly my relatives but no, i dont know any of them. at first i was like "omg, pink!" as i saw that house. hahaha. and eventually, rumah pink tu rumah pengantin. ah comel :3

did i mention? the durians, rambutans and few other fruits were along the side of the road to my grandma's kampung. i could go crazy seeing those incredible number of fruits. jalan pi situ, memang "hebat" i said, cramming your ass in the car for few hours isnt so bad huh? not really, im used to it. hahaha. and oh baidewei, we're there for a wedding ceremony. well, thats totally worth it since it was like its-time-to-tengok-jejaka-jejaka-hengsem for us, ladies. ewah. hahahahaha. Amin jangan jeles dohh~ :p

isnt she pretty? she's so cute and sometimes annoying. her exasperation could drive anyone to murder lol 

 some stupid candid by Anis. *lempar myself with slippers* 

some cuties we met at the wedding ceremony wandering around clearly without their parents (Anis is the exception). they're just so adorable that i wanted to adopt them! more like kidnap them. hahahaha. 

stopped by to ambil what my aunt said was sayur. while they were busy ambik sayur segala, i was capturing the moment that every bug loves. loljk

anyone has an idea what sayur is this?

off to Keningau back. i was reading the Summer School novel the whole journey. oh yeah! :D

told you it was a tiring day. comel doh my cousin Nani? hihihihihi.

oh both of me and Amin was on our way to Ranau yesterday. he is still there at Ranau. clearly having fun with his family. while im here, stuck......not knowing what to do. boredom is killing me. well, have fun there okay. and take care

p/s: so yeah, there's a few pictures that are not mine. credited to my aunt. im also credited okay, for penculikan gambar-gambar dia. hahahaha :p and yeah, sorry im kinda speechless today. less talk, less trouble? aite? :p

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