Day 3

•Day 03- A picture of you and your friends & What you think about your friends

Lila; she's the type of girl who is damn hygienic and always concern about  whats stuck in her teeth. hahahaha. she always support me in whatever i do (as long as it doesnt lead to the beeping of  the "self life-destruction in 10 seconds") and she bakes cheese cakes that make me go nuts. she has that 

Ayu; she's like the freaking Einstein and she's goddamn gorgeous too! okay, im getting insecure now. she has that two bloody cute big cats and hundred more katz which make me wanna abduct one....or two....or all. im dead serious. you can probably run into her in Marie Antoinette's tea party as she's also one elegant and classy lady. this type of girl that every boys drooling to be with.

Peja; she has a hearing problem jk hunny hahahaha. Peja brings the yummiest food to school! and she always share her food with us.  she doesnt really care what people think about her, she's kewl. yeah kewl. the last time we went to Lila's house for study group, Peja and i rolled on the floor laughing on how our eyes can turn transparent due to excessive intake of vitamin A. okay that is one sick joke. she's a laughing maniac. i tell you.

Lala; she's like the American Next Top Model. probably the Keningau version of Naomi Campbell lol. she has that bright smile that always glows. she's one sensitive lady, she cried because Khelvin accused her of being a murderer of a bird just because she wanted to touch the bird and the bird flew toward the fan and RIP. i love to see those pretty blushing rosy cheeks of hers when she's shy or mad. 

so yeah, i missed a day like AGAIN. and for the challenge for today (supposedly yesterday), there's only one thing i want to say; screw one picture, im uploading all our pictures together ha ha ha ha but no, our memories are like freakingly uncountable! these are the pictures taken during one of our hang-outs. 

p/s: those kodak-moments pictures are not mine. credited to Siti, i mean Ayu. hahaha :p

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