Day 1

so hey, maybe im gonna start blogging in English again. maybe. hahaha. okay, i know i've promised to start doing the blog challenge after our excel which was waaaaaaaaayyy a month ago. yeah, those who followed my twitter, maybe know that. lol maybe okay. i was too busy with school and i've forgot to do the blog challenge till i saw Debbie's post about her blog challenge. since i dont have anything else to do, (other than watching movies everyday till i lost my senses) i'll start that delayed challenge of mine. here goes nothing :p

•Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

  1. sometimes, no = yes to me. its not like im really that indecisive (sometimes!) but, there's certain questions that i answered with no. but the in my heart or mind keep forcing me to say yes. eg. you want ice cream? my treat. and my answer will be no but the other part keep saying yes.
  2. I have a problem with procrastination.i do things at the eleventh hour. especially studying. i'd be staying up late doing my revision just for exam. and the results are major disaster. so this one bad habit of mine must stop as it is aggravating my future career.
  3. im a slow eater. it would possibly take an hour and a half to finish ONE dish.
  4. i have an uncured disease known as LAZINESS. im so lazy that everyone dies. loljk. im just too lazy when it comes to moving even an inch. and thank God, people invented the online shopping,
  5. I prefer to attempt to let my immune system tackle something before simply “popping a pill”
  6. i know this is weird but i can only write well using 0.5mm pens. 
  7. im the girl who always walk facing the ground. im not confident even though i've joined the school debate team (which require high-confident debaters)
  8. as a kid, i've never watched that Sailor Moon cartoon. guess i was having an oh-so-not-girly childhood.
  9. I love to read. especially when its cold and raining and i'm inside........and with a company of hot chocolate. 
  10. i dont have a flawless complexion and an hourglass figure. therefore, im not that perfect. and i always envy those pretty and beautiful and gorgeous girls. im so insecure. tsk tsk tsk T_T
  11. i dont have great sense of humor. i suck at making jokes. apparently, no one ever laugh at my jokes.
  12. i had had my first car accident. Lord knows how careless i was driving back then. maybe this is one holy way of God telling me to drive more carefully.
  13. i love watching sports. even though i dont do one. and i always wanna excel in sports! (big dream)
  14. I have always been fascinated by madness, serial killers, psychopaths, tyrannical dictators, and brainwashing. 
  15. i have never smoke and drink and never will!

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