hello tomorrow


since when did i spread ashes on my blog

yes. since when? okay sila abaikan. im going to make a short post since i iz sangat the lazy mau post. hihihihi.
hello sweetie, oh kelmarin i pergi kompleks dengan classmates and adalah beberapa orang dari kelas lain dengan berbaju sekolah i know awkward sangat okay on sunday. glams gitu lol omg mengada-ngada. hahahaha.

okay, actually kami nie wakil sekolah 40 orang gitu bersempena dengan program penggalakan sains dan matematik anjuran Kementerian Sains Teknologi dan Inovasi? if im not mistaken. hihihihi. tida berapa ingat okay.

 on our way to kompleks with my classmates! :D

 snapping pictures of other people taking picture omg does my words make sense?

 while waiting for food.

the other class that did joined us; 4 Maxis.

 my smile sangat ruined thank you to those boys who sat in front of me.
 the abang hensem who showed us his magic trick :p

 i wish i could say "whats wrong with youu girl!" to the girl omg she was so overreacting. acting cute la weii.
 experiment ubat gigi gajah. hohoho
the singer.

 nitrogen gas :p

guess who is that? yeah, thats Mejar Dr. Faiz!!!!!!
we did took a picture with him. i promise i will upload it okay! :D

thanks to Aida's finger =="

this what i experienced ol day. Lord was testing me :p

nda pa headache. bagi yang tiada pigi, sangat rugi okay banyak freebiesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :p

-xoxo epop

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