the first of MAY

so, my morning started with these girls; Shaby & Chya. shouldnt call it breakfast. probably late breakfast should do it. haha! sorry that you didnt get to see my face in these pictures cause i forgot to take mine. hahaha!

i forgot to tell you guys that 1MAY kan is my brother's birthday AAAAAndd Pida's birthday. cousin Izzy and I planned to go to Pida's as well, but since its my annoying brother's birthday, mom would've killed us if bla bla bla. ngeee to lazy to write :D
so, we celebrated his birthday at KFC. where else? urggh. HAHA! the cashier there probably annoyed with my attitude while ordering.
me; i want my pink one! the pink one i said. (with rolling eyes)
hahahaha! the waiter just smiled at me. i dont have much to say,  just pictures to describe my words. so, enjoy guys ;)

presenting mee! *cue music!

we sat separately you know. 


both of them are my cousin

 i ruined the picture. yeahh! \m/
see my sister there? you probably didnt cause it was just her reflection. i realized kan, i didnt take a single picture of him. this would be the only picture i have with his face in. hahhahaha! dont worry, i shall take pictures of you next year. :P
  me and my sister. the cute mee (absolutely) and weird sister. HAHAHA! that girl in green should thank me for capturing her picture. HAHA!:P


WE (cousin Izzy and I) call it G6. HAHAHA! otw home when taking this picture.

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